IMEI Changer 2019

We want to introduce you the Tool CHANGER IMEIL 2019, a specialized program to generate IMEI no matter the model of cell phone, brand or version of the operating system. If you want to know where to DOWNLOADΒ and how to use this powerful TOOLΒ tested by many users, we will soon tell you how.

The iMEI is an important element of the terminal, whose databases can only be consulted by mobile operators and through the GSM association around the world. It is a number that is stored in the terminal itself in its internal memory and that in general cannot be modified in a simple way.

We have a SOFTWARE that is used to generate a new IMEI to be able to use any device that your iMEI is blocked or blacklisted.

imei changer 2018
Download Software IMEI Changer Free

The TOOL is called IMEI Changer 2019 free and can be DOWNLOAD on any of the servers offered by this website. To run the SOFTWAREΒ you must do it through the Windows or MAC operating system. For this method to work perfectly, you only have to enter the model of the mobile version, Android and the digits of the black list of IMEI (blocked). Later, this TOOL verifies the type of report in the database, then produces a Xploit ( “explodes a security hole “) and thus modifies the nucleus of the cell. Then it generates a new IMEI so that it can be used on any mobile phone operator.

The TOOL performs a Xploit, which alters the Kernel of the device, thereby generating a new iMEI to be used.

This SOFTWAREΒ works without root and has been tested on devices from companies like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola among other brands, with very satifactorios results

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